03 August 2012

Will this be the next Megacity?!

Thinking about the life in the future it is impossible to skip over cities and the development of cities. Rising birthrates, growing populations and cities made it necessary to think about solutions about these problems, probably  some of the most urgent problems today.

China, still the country with the most inhabitants, thinks about building new cities where before was nothing then sand and dirt; to relieve the other huge cities.

Lingang, close to Shanghai, is one of these cities. Build around an artificial lake, circular. Since China had so good experience with cities emerged out of nowhere, New Ordos, an city for 300.000 inhabitants about 10 hours to the west from Beijing with about 5000 real inhabitants (at the good days); we will see how the city building projects in China will develop.

This is my own version of Lingang city. In the following I will not talk about the probable success of such city building projects, but I will talk about the pro and cons of such cities and will astray. Maybe the reality will be totally different, I don´t know, who knows? Since I´m not an expert on this topic I will just name a few obvious Pros and Cons, you may add the other arguments for and against.



- Ways will be short, really short, short as hell; actually a circle is the mathematical best way for short distances. Well, my model is not mathematical perfect, but therefore maybe more realistic …

- This type is space saving and efficient to build since the only type of building in the city will be skyscrapers.

- < Add here your personal Pros and let us know about them in the comments.>


- Somebody who don´t likes skyscrapers shouldn´t live in this city.

- Space for individuality will not be provided. Uniform apartments and building fairings. Privacy is also a huge topic, but madders more on the internal design, than on the general structure of the city. But, in case, nobody as an advantage …    

- The city is endless expandable. If necessary the government just has to add another ring to the city and to build some new streets. Ways will still be short and the city also can grow to the height. 

- < Add here your personal Pros and let us know about them in the comments.>


My personal result:

Planed mega cities are not the optimal solutions to todays population problems, but they are a possible solution.

Optimal would be a controlled growth of consisting cities with at the same time initiated measure for a reduction of birth rates. 

But the other possibility would be uncontrolled and accidental growth of consisting mega cities to even huger cities.

At the end its the question of living in a small wildly build house or in a skyscraper apartment, its your choice.         

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