01 July 2012

OLMUN 2012 has come to an end.

Since OLMUN 2012 has become to an end we just experienced one year of intensive work, serious topics and new friends it´s now time to look for new takes and challenges. OLMUN 2012 brought up a lot of solutions, but since OLMUN is just a Model United Nations conference worlds problems aren´t solved yet and it´s still a long way to solve all this problems, while new problems are rising up. The European Union, while in the next few months it will adjudicate weather we will have the United States of Europe or will drop back to National States. The Arabic Spring, not quite sure how successful these efforts for democracy and humanity will be. And the fight against world poverty; worlds leaders have to accept, what it means to fight against poverty.
I´m really looking forward to OLMUN 2013, but I really don´t how the world will look like in one year and that is what I´m concerned about.

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